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Welcome to the Lone lord game wiki!

Lone lord is a crazy 1D strategy game, inspired by European medieval castles and other crazy game – mySQLgame

Unlike the most contemporary games, you can't press the button to win here. Actually, you can't press any buttons at all: you can only TYPE your requests in a good old console window and see the result on a small graphical map. Isn't that cool enough to love the game?

By typing particular requests, you can: build your own castles, towers and markets and attack others, mine DIAMONDS and cut trees, trade on market squares and exchange resources at Lone lord State Bank, unite yours and other guys' castles in cities and FIGHT in feudal wars for glory and resources, and so much more.

Unlike the most games, in Lone lord bots are very welcome: the game is by programmers and for programmers, so why limit writing code to typing commands in console? You can write as many bots as you want, placing them upon your castles and markets. Bots will be lords' best friends in the game, helping them in mining resources, managing cities, gambling or whatever you can imagine them to do.

So, are you ready to get your own castle and type your first command? Don't hesitate, go and register your account – by typing "$register" command, yes – and you'll be having all this fun! But before you start, we recommend you to look through the manual on how to spend your first day and also on the complete list of game commands.

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